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Call Me The Faucet Queen

How To Stop Medical Issues Caused By Asbestos

by Melinda Collins

Although the peak of asbestos use was in the 1970s, many older buildings still have it. Asbestos has been linked to a particular brand of cancer, and the substance is still used in the United States. Fortunately, there are a few ways of dealing with the effects of asbestos depending on the particular situation.

The Dangers of Asbestos

According to, asbestos is still mined in both the United States and Canada, and millions of pounds of it are used in these countries. Although it's never safe to be around it, the dangers associated with it go up the longer exposure happens. The main ways to mitigate the damage that can be caused by asbestos is to either remove it early and prevent exposure, or to treat conditions caused by it afterwards.

Asbestos Cancer Treatment Breakthroughs

An example of a recent breakthrough with asbestos-related Cancer is a particular treatment used through nanocells. The nanocells are used as a delivery mechanism in order to attack cancerous cells. This is essentially a Trojan horse approach to getting rid of the damage. In particular, the mechanism is called microRNA and it's placed inside of nanocells.

The condition of asbestos-caused cancer is mesothelioma, and the new treatment is showing signs of significantly reducing the damage the condition causes, reducing tumor sizes significantly.

Asbestos Detection and Removal

The best way of preventing medical issues from asbestos is to use preventative methods. An example of new technology that can help with this is a specialized laser that can help detect asbestos. The old way of detecting asbestos was time-consuming. First, an area that's suspected of having asbestos had its air filtered and captured. Then, these particles were taken to a lab that could would then use x-rays to analyze and detect the tiny particles.

The new method involves using asbestos small magnetic field as a means of detecting it. Not many fibrous materials have this property, which is an advantage when it comes to detection. The laser method works by shooting the focused light at any area of particles. If there is asbestos in the area, then this will be detected based on the way the asbestos scatters the particles.

The particles are then pulled into a detection device that produces a magnetic field. All of the asbestos particles will then be pulled together due to being magnetic, and the laser is shot at just those particles again to double-check that they are asbestos. The asbestos can then be removed safely once it's located. 


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