Call Me The Faucet Queen

Call Me The Faucet Queen

Three Rules for Cleaning Your Eavestroughs Safely

by Melinda Collins

The importance of cleaning eavestroughs is something that every homeowner should understand. Whether you hire a contractor to take care of this seasonal task or you'd rather get it done yourself, ensuring that your eavestroughs are unobstructed is important. If they become blocked, the water caught inside them will build up, stop following its proper path into your downspouts, and possibly cause harm to your roof. Should you decide to tackle this project, it's important to keep safety in the forefront of your mind; after all, you'll be working along the bottom edge of your roof and a fall could cause a serious injury. Here are three rules for getting the job done safely.

Have a Ladder Helper

It might sound overly simplistic, but it's integral to your safety to recruit someone to hold the base of the ladder that you're using. Without this person, the ladder's feet can slip out of place and you'll fall and hurt yourself. Arrange for a help who weighs more than you do—if you can't get a family member who meets this description, find a neighbour—and have him or her hold the ladder firmly and put weight on the bottom rung. This way, you'll be able to climb up and down the ladder without it moving to the point of danger.

Always Work Above Yourself

Whether you're cleaning your eavestroughs manually with gloves and a scoop or getting the job done a little quicker with the use of a hose, it's important that you always work above yourself. This means that you should be standing on the ladder and reaching into the eavestrough rather than positioning yourself on top of the roof and reaching down to remove the leaves. Staying on the ladder will allow you to keep your body balanced; if you work from the edge of the roof, you'll find yourself in an awkward position in which it's possible to topple forward and off the roof.

Move the Ladder Frequently

When you're on the ladder, you can only reach a short distance in each direction. While it might be tempting to reach as far as you can to either side—especially late in the job when you're getting tired—doing so changes your weight distribution on the ladder and can lead to a fall. It's best to clean the eavestrough in front of you and slightly on each side of you and then descend and move the ladder over.

If you'd prefer to have a professional handle the job, contact a service like Kelowna Eavestroughers.


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