Call Me The Faucet Queen

Call Me The Faucet Queen

  • Black Mold Removal: What You Should Know

    When you begin to inspect your home this spring, looking for any areas that need cleaning or repair, the last thing that you want or expect to find is black mold. However, after a snowy, icy winter that has now thawed and melted, it is a distinct possibility that you will find it somewhere in your home. So, in your home inspection, if you do find black mold, you will need to know how to handle the situation.

  • About Me

    Call Me The Faucet Queen

    I always dreamed of becoming an interior decorator, but I never thought I'd end up focusing exclusively on bathroom designs. My early work included plenty of living room and kitchen designs, but I always spent the most time and effort on my bathroom plans. Years of work renovating my own three powder rooms gave me lots of experience in choosing the right fixtures - especially faucets. I kept getting leak problems due to mismatching plumbing, so now I volunteer to help all my friends get their design done right when installing a new bathtub or replacing the sink. I don't get a lot of chances to use my expertise in faucets and I figured I'd bring my knowledge online to share it.