Call Me The Faucet Queen

Call Me The Faucet Queen

  • Easy Ways To Change The Look Of Your Ceiling Fans

    Ceiling fans are expensive. Instead of running out and buying a new one because you don't like the one you currently have, upgrade it instead. It's easy and not that expensive to change the look of your ceiling fan into something you like. Change the Blades There are many different ways to change the blades on your ceiling fan. Here are some of the most popular changes you can make to the fan blades.

  • Three Rules for Cleaning Your Eavestroughs Safely

    The importance of cleaning eavestroughs is something that every homeowner should understand. Whether you hire a contractor to take care of this seasonal task or you'd rather get it done yourself, ensuring that your eavestroughs are unobstructed is important. If they become blocked, the water caught inside them will build up, stop following its proper path into your downspouts, and possibly cause harm to your roof. Should you decide to tackle this project, it's important to keep safety in the forefront of your mind; after all, you'll be working along the bottom edge of your roof and a fall could cause a serious injury.

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Call Me The Faucet Queen

I always dreamed of becoming an interior decorator, but I never thought I'd end up focusing exclusively on bathroom designs. My early work included plenty of living room and kitchen designs, but I always spent the most time and effort on my bathroom plans. Years of work renovating my own three powder rooms gave me lots of experience in choosing the right fixtures - especially faucets. I kept getting leak problems due to mismatching plumbing, so now I volunteer to help all my friends get their design done right when installing a new bathtub or replacing the sink. I don't get a lot of chances to use my expertise in faucets and I figured I'd bring my knowledge online to share it.